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Initial Contact to Cashing the Contract

From concept to completion, our goal was to create an online application that helps dealers sell cars to people with credit problems. From first contact to closing your deal, LotPro is the complete solution.

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Subprime Desking

How fast can you find the most profitable vehicle in your inventory that fits a $400 payment call at 115% advance and a 20.95% APR? With the LotPro Deal Excelerator tool, you can scan your entire new and used inventory and create a road map directing you to the most profitable units in stock that fit that lenders call and program parameters in a matter of seconds. Read more ...

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Inventory Management

The inventory module in LotPro simplifies the vehicle booking process. Inventory needs to be accurately booked to maximize the profit potential on every subprime deal. The accuracy of the booking is also critical in ensuring that your subprime deals will not be returned from the lender due to over-booking. Read more ...

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Leads Module – CRM

The ability to quickly communicate with a subprime customer is critical to your success in closing your subprime leads. The Leads Module in LotPro is an intuitive CRM that supports the subprime process. The Leads Module allows you to manage and process all subprime prospects including internet leads, walk-ins and phone traffic. Read more ...

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Customer Testimonials

"LotPro is a powerful profit making machine. It is an essential part of our subprime operation which quickly identifies “behind the book” inventory. And best of all, it sniffs out the maximum profit automatically down to the last penny."